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Arne Slot snubs Liverpool when naming his top three Premier League clubs

Jurgen Klopp’s replacement, Arne Slot, snubs Liverpool when naming his top three clubs in the Premier League

Arne Slot’s recent revelation of his top three Premier League teams to watch, which notably excludes Liverpool, suggests a potential departure from Jurgen Klopp’s style.

Slot’s admiration for Manchester City’s proactive play hints at a shift towards a more controlled and patient approach.

His preference for teams like Arsenal and Brighton, known for possession-based football, further supports this notion.

When asked by Voetbal International last May about his favorite teams to watch, Slot didn’t mention Liverpool.

Instead, the Dutchman stated, “There is no team in the world I would rather watch than Manchester City, followed by Napoli, Arsenal, and Brighton.”

The decision to appoint Slot reflects Liverpool’s desire for tactical evolution and adaptation in a dynamic football landscape.

Although there are numerous parallels between their approaches, including a preference for formations like 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, Slot’s style emphasizes a patient build-up from the defense, short passing, and deploying two wingers in advanced positions on the pitch.

With Slot at the helm, Liverpool fans can anticipate a more calculated and tactically astute style of play, marked by patient build-up, short passing, and tactical flexibility.

“I certainly don’t want to compare myself to Pep, but he is a control freak just like me,” Slot added. “[Manchester] City – and again, it is not my intention to compare us with them – have a similar style of play to how we want to play with Feyenoord.”

While Klopp’s legacy remains, Slot’s tenure signifies a new chapter in Liverpool’s footballing journey, guided by a fresh perspective and a commitment to innovation.

Arne Slot snubs Liverpool when naming his top three Premier League clubs

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