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Conte and Tuchel Red Card [Pics & Videos]

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte both recieved RED CARD.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel and Tottenham Antonio Conte boss broke in to fight twice in a London derby encounter.

Conte and Tuchel Broke Fight [Pic & Videos]

The 2-2 draw match had two ugly unpleasant scenes as both managers had disagreeing opinions during the game.

Conte and Tuchel Broke Fight [Pic & Videos]

Thomas Tuchel to Sky Sports: “I thought when we shake hands you looked in each other eyes, he had a different opinion. It was not necessary but a lot of things were not necessary.”

Referee Anthony Taylor sent both managers off after the final whistle. WATCH THE FULL MATCH HIGHLIGHTS Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham

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  • Looking at what transpired in the match what Thomas T. did was not necessarily needed

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