Erik ten Hag’s Unfiltered Interview on Man Utd and England Men’s Team

Erik ten Hag recently gives an unfiltered interview about his situation at Manchester United ahead of England’s Euro 2024 opener against Serbia.

Speaking to Dutch television channel NOS during the Group C clash in Gelsenkirchen, Ten Hag was forthright about his experiences and the club’s decisions.

Manchester United’s Managerial Choices

Ten Hag revealed that Manchester United disrupted his holiday with unexpected news about their managerial decision. The club had considered Thomas Tuchel before ultimately deciding to keep Ten Hag as their manager.

“Man United disturbed my holiday; they suddenly stood at my doorstep,” Ten Hag recounted. “They told me that they spoke with Tuchel, but eventually concluded that they already have the best manager.”

Erik ten Hag’s Unfiltered Interview

Following this, Ten Hag and Manchester United began negotiations for a new contract, after months of uncertainty were resolved by Sir Jim Ratcliffe. However, Ten Hag indicated that the discussions are ongoing and complex.

“Man United and I still have to find an agreement for the new contract,” he said. “This isn’t easily done; we are still going to have to talk about this.”

He also commented on INEOS’ detailed end-of-season review, attributing their thorough approach to their newness in football and the importance of reflecting on the season.

“INEOS took their time. They are new in football; it’s normal to reflect on the season. It’s no secret that they talked with multiple candidates,” he added.

Thoughts on Euro 2024 and England’s Prospects

Turning his attention to Euro 2024, Ten Hag praised England’s squad, highlighting the strength of their midfield and the overall quality of their team under Gareth Southgate.

“England has a fantastic squad; they are favorites for a reason,” he remarked. “They have the best midfield of all countries in the Euros. They got Harry Kane as their striker, and on the wings, they have an incredible amount of quality.”

Ten Hag’s insights provide a window into both his professional challenges at Manchester United and his perspectives on the broader football landscape, particularly the highly anticipated Euro 2024. As fans await further developments, his candid remarks offer a compelling narrative on the current state of football.

Erik ten Hag’s Unfiltered Interview on Man Utd and England Men’s Team

Erik ten Hag’s Unfiltered Interview on Man Utd and England Men's Team

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