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Klopp and Van Dijk response to ‘erroneous’ officiating during Spurs encounter

Here is how Jurgen Klopp and Virgil van Dijk responded to ‘erroneous’ officiating incidents during Spurs encounter

Liverpool had their opening goal ruled out by a controversial decision, as the match officials instantly ruled out Luis Diaz’s goal for an offside without comparing the customary VAR offside lines.

Klopp’s men were hit again by two red cards. Curtis Jones received the first red card for a foul on Yves Bissouma in the 26 minutes following a VAR review.

With over 20 minutes remaining in the game, substitute Diogo Jota was also sent off after picking up a quickfire yellow card booking.

More painfully, as the Reds were clearly nursing the supposed injustice, an own goal deep into stoppage time by Joel Matip gave Tottenham a victory over nine-man Liverpool.

The victory game Tottenham just their second PL win over Liverpool in 22 encounters.

Tottenham vs Liverpool Highlights

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, to Sky Sports: “I was never more proud of the team than today.

“I never saw a game like this with the most unfair circumstances, crazy decisions, Klopp added.

“We scored an own goal, that is really tough to take but I am really proud. On the first red card, Curtis steps on the ball and goes over. Not a bad tackle.

“It looks different in slow motion. He steps full throttle on the ball and goes over the ball. That is unlucky.

“[For Diogo Jota] the first yellow was not a yellow. Then he gets a second and to defend with eight outfield players is tricky.

“You want to build something you need players with mentality and I saw them today, they fought. Pretty special tonight.”

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Klopp on Liverpool’s goal ruled out for offside: “The offside goal. That is not offside when you see it, they drew their lines wrong.

“The ball is between Mo’s legs, they drew the line wrong and didn’t judge the moment when Mo passed the ball right.

“It is so tough to deal with it.”

Klopp on Joel Matip’s own goal: “It looks a bit like destiny or someone had to put the foot there. Joel defended outstandingly well today. He put the foot out and it goes in the goal.

“There are worse things in life. That is how it is.”

Van Dijk on faith in VAR: “I’m losing faith is difficult to say.

“The VAR should be absolutely clear and obvious with everything they’re deciding on. I’ve seen the still back, I think on live TV there were no lines being shown.

“It’s all a bit strange, I don’t know who was in the VAR room and making that decision. It’s not a good thing, it doesn’t look well either. It is what it is, we lost.”

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How Klopp and Van Dijk responded to ‘erroneous’ officiating vs Spurs. SoccerDew

Klopp and Van Dijk response  to 'erroneous' officiating during Spurs encounter

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