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Cole Palmer gives cold a response to his teammates trying to take over penalty duty.

Cole Palmer gives cold a response to his teammates trying to take the ball from him during the penalty spat.

Cole Palmer offered a cold response when questioned about his teammates’ attempts to seize the penalty from him during their Premier League Monday night contest with relegation-threatened Everton to Stamford Bridge.

Mauricio Pochettino’s squad showcased a stellar first-half performance, with Palmer netting a hat-trick and Nicolas Jackson adding another, securing a commanding 4-0 lead for the Blues.

In the second half, Palmer notched another goal before Alfie Gilchrist’s late strike sealed a resounding 6-0 victory.

However, tensions arose during Chelsea’s fifth goal when Palmer, alongside teammates Noni Madueke and Jackson, engaged in a spat over who would take the penalty kick. Despite the contention, as Chelsea’s designated penalty taker, Palmer confidently stepped up and dispatched the ball into the back of the net.

Reflecting on the incident post-match, the Englishman explained to Sky Sports, “Other players wanted to take it, which is understandable with the game at 4-0 but I am the penalty taker and I wanted to take it so at the end, I took it.

The 21-year-old winger added, “I think we are showing everyone is wanting to take responsibility it may be a bit over the top, but everyone wants to win – we are laughing and joking about it.”

Addressing the situation, Chelsea manager Pochettino expressed disappointment, stating, “It is a shame. I was telling the players when we arrived from the pitch. We had a meeting with all the staff also and we explained and were talking.

Pochettino blasted, “For me it is a shame because we cannot behave in this way and I can only apologise. I told them that this is the last time that I accept this type of behaviour. Next time those involved in a situation like this are all out. This is not a joke.”

Pochettino emphasized, “It’s impossible after a performance like this to have this type of behaviour that shows that we are in a process and we will learn a lot. We are a great team fighting for big things. We need to change and think more in a collective way.

Pochettino concluded, It’s so clear and I made clear to them and through you, to the fans and to everyone that Cole Palmer is the taker, and then if Palmer wants to give it to another he can. But not in this way. It is a sad situation that happened and we have all agreed it cannot happen again.”

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Cole Palmer gives cold a response to his teammates trying to take over penalty duty.

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