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Jude Bellingham reveals the personality of Carlo Ancelotti in a mature post-match reponse

Jude Bellingham’s recent interview with TNT Sports has sparked widespread admiration from fans, who are hailing it as one of the best in recent years.

Following Real Madrid’s thrilling victory over Manchester City in the Champions League on Tuesday, Bellingham’s insights into the match and his revelation about Carlo Ancelotti’s pre-game words have captured the attention of football enthusiasts.

In a tense encounter that saw Real Madrid advance to the semi-finals after a penalty shootout, Bellingham emerged as one of the standout performers despite the formidable pressure from City.

Bellingham’s pivotal contribution to Rodrygo’s opening goal and composed penalty conversion showcased his talent on the grand stage.

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During his conversation with TNT Sports, Bellingham impressed viewers with his astute analysis of the match and shared a captivating anecdote about Ancelotti’s managerial approach.

Responding to Rio Ferdinand’s inquiry about Ancelotti’s leadership style, Bellingham described him as a source of reassurance and confidence, both on and off the field.

Bellingham said: “As a man, he [Carlo Ancelotti] just fills your with calmness and confidence.

“Before the game, I caught him yawning and asked him ‘Boss are you tired?’. He said ‘You ned to go out there and excite me’ – that’s the calmness and confidence he brings.

“He finds a way to let a lot of the boys play with freedom. One of our biggest strengths is that we’re so off-the-cuff.”

The 20-year-old also described how difficult it is to play against City, what it means to play for Los Blancos and how Madrid tweaked their tactics from the high-scoring first leg last week.

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“It was pretty similar, a couple of us were doing roles that we’re not normally used to.

“Like me; I was having to go a bit higher to press, so when the ball turned over and I wanted to get on it it was hard to because I was so high. It’s the sacrifices to your own game that you have to make.”

Jude Bellingham reveals the personality of Carlo Ancelotti in a mature post-match reponse

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