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Legendary commentator Martin Tyler names his preferred candidate for Man United job

Legendary commentator Martin Tyler advocates for a surprising candidate to be considered for the Manchester United managerial job.

Martin Tyler suggests that Old Trafford club should consider Sean Dyche as a replacement for Erik ten Hag.

Erik ten Hag’s position at United is increasingly precarious due to poor performances. The Red devil’s have conceded 81 goals this season, their most in a single campaign since 1977.

Tyler, therefore, advocates for an English manager for the job, mentioning Southgate and Everton boss Dyche.

He emphasizes the need for freshness and a different perspective at United, suggesting that someone closer to home might be beneficial.

The former Sky Sports commentator said: “I’ve said Sean Dyche should be considered by Manchester United.

“Gareth Southgate is being considered by Manchester United we believe and Sean maybe as well because it’s a fresh point of view.

“… They need some freshness and they need a different point of view. A different sense of purpose.

“… maybe if you were sitting around a table with all those new influences at Manchester United, you could make the point and make the case that actually what you do need is something a bit closer to home.

“It was tough for David Moyes because it was straight off the back of Fergie. You know, it’s a terribly difficult job to follow and since then, people have come and gone without.

Tyler concluded: “Have Manchester United lost that DNA that they had? I would suggest they probably have. So maybe somebody who’s grown up in the country where Manchester United have had all those years of success and looked upon with such reverence by so many people that, maybe that’s the way forward.”

While Gareth Southgate is reportedly United’s top target, according to transfer guru Santi Aouna, Dyche remains a viable option.

Though no deal has been confirmed yet, developments could arise soon in United’s managerial search.

Legendary commentator Martin Tyler names his preferred candidate for Man United job

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