Vinicius Jnr and Atletico – News

Atletico Madrid provided a statement concerning the attack on Vinicius Jnr

Real Madrid and Brazil’s youngster Vinicius Jnr was subject to racial abuse on Sunday’s Madrid derby encounter.

Vinicius Jnr and Atletico - News
Vinicius Jnr

The football match between the two city rivals, Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid was spoilt with abuse to Vinicius Jnr due to his goal-dancing-celebrating style.

Today, Atletico Madrid has officially condemned the act in an official statement:

“We roundly condemn the inadmissible chants that a minority of fans made outside the stadium before the derby was held. We have zero tolerance for racism.”

“The pain felt by the red & white family for this event [Racist chants] is enormous. We cannot allow anyone to link our fans with this type of behaviour and question our values because of a minority that does not represent us.”

Atletico has announced they will collaborate with the Spanish authorities to identify the people behind the racist chants on Sunday and suspend them.

Vinicius Jnr and Atletico - News
Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

Also, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has also openly condemned the act:

I’m a big supporter of Atletico Madrid, so I was very sad, I expected a strong message from the clubs against this kind of behaviour. This is what I will ask of my team.”

“I think it’s important that the soccer clubs take seriously this kind of behavior and react,” Sanchez added

In a more shocking event today, it has been revealed that Vinicius Jr. was threatened by the team of the television program “El Chiringuito” not to publish the video in which he speaks out against racism.

The information was initially published by #Inakiangulo, on his YouTube channel, and confirmed by ESPN.

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