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Saliba speaks on the state of cohesion at Arsenal camp.

William Saliba speaks on the state of cohesion at Arsenal camp as he throws light on the relationship between players, fans and coaches.

William Saliba on Arsenal

“I’ve felt like more a part of the family since I came here after the loan spells, and that’s how it is here. There’s a great feeling here and football is like that anyway.

“Every year new players come into the group, and the others make them feel welcome. It’s the same this year too.

“New players have joined, we did not know them before, but you help them become part of the family.

The Frenchman added: “You learn about everyone, about every culture. You get to learn a lot about new cultures, and I like it when people come to me as well and ask about France.

“Maybe they are going on holiday to Paris or the south of France and they speak to me about it.

“We have a very good atmosphere here. Every day we have a laugh, we have a joke, and we like being around each other, but when we are on the pitch we go hard and we are serious.

“It’s important to have both – you cannot do one without the other.”

Saliba on the feeling of unity and togetherness at Arsenal

“We do a lot of things to be closer and closer and to learn about each other.

“The coaches will speak to us about how important it is to be a unit and to be together, not just with the fans, but as a team as well.

The 22-year-old echoed: “An example is when we were on tour in America, for every meal we always mixed the tables. We don’t choose the table where we sit at lunch or dinner.

“We get to speak to the coaching staff, to other players and I really like that.

“There might be a player there who you speak to less and it’s a chance to know them more, to be together, and that all helps as a team when you are on the pitch too.

“It really helps when you are on the pitch. When you are playing and you can feel that the whole team is together, that everyone likes each other, and wants everyone to do well – it raises the whole level.”

William Saliba on Arsenal fans:

“It makes a big difference to have fans like we do. In the bad moments, they help us and we always want to say thank you for what we do on the pitch and try to win the game for them.

The centre-back stressed: “We play football for this. You play for the fans, you play for the good moments and you play for that feeling at the Emirates.”

Saliba speaks on the state of cohesion at Arsenal camp. SoccerDew

Does this unity and togetherness manifest on the pitch?

Saliba speaks on the state of cohesion at Arsenal camp.

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