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What Carlo Ancelotti said after Real Madrid 15th UCL win

Carlo Ancelotti made history by becoming the first manager to win five UEFA Champions League titles, solidifying his legendary status in football, as Real Madrid secured their 15th European Cup with a 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund.

What Carlo Ancelotti said after Real Madrid 15th UCL win

His remarkable achievement underscores his longevity and adaptability in football management. Celebrated for his calm demeanor and strategic acumen, Ancelotti’s record-breaking feat cements his legacy as one of the greatest managers in the sport.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, speaking to TNT Sports:

“It seems a dream but it is reality. Really happy for sure. Really difficult game as usual, they played better first half, we played better second half, but a final is always like this.

“We were able to win, a fantastic season and we are really happy to be able to win the cup again.”

How do Madrid keep winning the Champions League? “It is the history and tradition of the club, of course the quality of the players, the club is a family, we work altogether without problems and the atmosphere is really good in the dressing room.

What Carlo Ancelotti said after Real Madrid 15th UCL win

“I need to thank the club and the players, no big egos, really humble, it was not difficult to manage the squad this season.

Celebrations? “I don’t know what we are going to do, but for sure we are not going to sleep.”

Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham speaking to TNT Sports about Carlo Ancelotti

“He has unlocked a part of my game that I didn’t know I had. That is the thing about world class coaches, they make you realise how good you can be and test the limits of your potential.

“It is like being at school again, you learn something new every day and get better and better.”

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